Artists are creative people, so they don't tend to think of themselves as small businesses. But they are.

Artists have the same issues and challenges as any startup - business organization, product development, marketing, accounting, legal, customer services, and more.

The Artist Startup Program is a unique startup incubator-inspired program that, in about a month, gives artists the answers to the test, so they are ready to take it.

How It Works:


Analyze & Assess Current Assets

We take a complete inventory of the artist's assets and metrics in order
to develop a baseline for creating a strategic development plan.


Artist Branding

We work with the artist to clearly define their brand, and create brand filters, so they can best tell their story and connect with fans across platforms. This is the cornerstone of the artist’s Brand Book we will develop, which includes:

  • Artist Branding
  • Brand Filters
  • Graphic Style Guide
  • Wardrobe Style Guide
  • Collateral Guidelines
  • Messaging Guidelines
  • Publicity Checklist

Business Development

We will provide the artist with recommendations and checklists to create the best business organization, as well as instructions for how to properly register with PROs, SoundExchange, publishing administration, etc.

  • Legal Organization Explanations
  • PRO, SoundExchange, Registration Instructions & Contacts
  • Publishing Administration Explanations & Contacts

Digital & Social Strategy

We work with the artist to create a Social Media Playbook, personalized content strategies and posting guidelines for each, individual social platform. This will include:

  • Social Media Playbook
  • Social Media Insights & Overview
  • Platform-by-Platform Social Media Strategies
  • Digital Content Strategies
  • Posting Strategies & Guidelines
  • Email and Newsletter Strategies
  • Competitive Set Tracking
  • Bi-weekly Newsletter